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What to write about? Some current ideas…

Hey there! I know, I know… This blog, or rather me on this blog, haven’t been very active – apart from the sidebar with my FriendFeed entries that catches all my activity from all over the web.

I have some ideas to create more howtos or guides like the Amazon EC2 OpenVPN guide. As a matter of fact, I’m currently working on creating an IPsec/L2TP guide for EC2. I have the basics figured out, but now I need to put them all together.

Another thing that is a work in process at the moment is the integration of services like Dropbox and JungleDisk to keep multiple Macs – and the apps on them – in sync. There are also some ideas about the current state of geotagging in photography floating in my head.

Overall I’m trying to document all the things I’m currently using to improve my workflow. Like you read above this includes things that happen for example if you switch your main machine (like I did a few weeks ago when adding a Mac Pro to my setup).

I’m also currently gathering some information on best-practices in some areas. Like setting up git repositories, using capistrano for deployment of php sites and the basic (file/folder) structures that come with these projects.

The number of hits I’m getting for guides like my EC2 article show that people are really interested in this type of content.