Photokina – Apple…

This afternoon I attended the special event Apple hold here in Cologne. It was the first Apple event for me and I have to say that even though it was only a small event compared to Macworld or WWDC it was great to be able to get there.

Apple really knows on how to create that special feeling while they are doing their show. As a member of the press I got in early. You can find some pictures of the event in my Flickr! account. Everything was planned perfectly and even that single Mac Pro machine standing by looked fabulous. Next goal: Visit WWDC or Macworld.

They presented the new version of Aperture – 1.5 that is. It’s a great application to manage your digital photos and they even made it better. The best part was when they showed a short film about 3 different photographers describing why and how they work with Aperture. One of them was Vincent Laforet – you can find the other two here. Let me just say: Apple knows how to market and present things right. Something other companies definately have to learn yet!