Just off the air…

I just went off air a few minutes ago. The first takes were pretty ok, but the last one. Hmm, at some point concentration left me alone. I’ve been in front of a TV camera a few times already, but this last take really wasn’t that great. Talking about the new iPods for 10 to 15 minutes was no problem, but then 5-8 minutes about iTunes 7 was too much?!

Also it’s interesting that time seems to fly and take off while you are talking about something that interests you and especially if the host is pushing the discussion into the right direction. You notice he has a goal, of course, because talked about it before the take, and the time is flying. No problem to fill a two hour show.

Maybe I’ll watch the re-run in about 15 minutes, but I’m the type who thinks that it’s weird to see himself on the screen… Hmm, what to do?! 🙂