So what’s the deal with GooTube?

So this week Google announced to acquire one of, if not the biggest online video “distributor” on the internet. At the same time Google said there’ll be no changes to YouTube whatsoever. So why buy them if neither the outfit or anything else is supposed to be changed?

Of course YouTube will change over the time. Google maybe will eventually insert some ads on the site or the videos. The latter might be the better idea to get some money rolling as many people don’t link to rather than just inserting the videos directly on their sites. But would you still be watching a funny, three second video with a twenty second ad or so in front of it?!

Of course Google bought all the data YouTube has. This makes up for a good set of user-data, but is that worth the 1.65bn USD is about to pay? I guess only time will tell what Google has really planned for its newest acquisition.

On an interesting side-note it wasn’t the NYTimes or some other old media who broke the story about the possibly acquisition. It was Michael Arrington over at Techcrunch who posted about this first on October 6th. Thing is, he just had a rather bad weekend at the Online News Association Conference, where he was invited by members of the press to represent bloggers.