Random headlines

Welcome to yet another installment of the random headlines.

Pay, Your Own Way: Firm Lets Workers Pick Salary
I was expecting a “but if you really get what you want is another question”. Granted it’s not completely up to you to choose your salary.

Will FriendFeed Be “The Daily Me” Newspaper for the Next Gen?
Why just for the “Next Gen”?

One month before the Olympics, the dirtiest air in China is in Beijing
Well, who would have thought?

Microsoft to Respond to Apple’s ‘Get a Mac’ Ads
Respond? With what? An own campaign that a. nobody cares about, b. ends up with a new product that nobody cares about, c. nobody gets, or d. all of the above? But hey, they got the money, so let’s roll!

Apple: iPhone 3G purchase to take 10-15 minutes
Hope you aren’t the last in line. Also make sure bring the following things when you want to get an iPhone:

– Credit card
– Social security number
– Valid, government-issued photo ID
– Your current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T)

At least you don’t need to bring your birth-certificate and one of your parents.