Short interview with Zibri, creator of ZiPhone

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With the upcoming release of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone software 2.0, I talked to Zibri, the creator of ZiPhone.

First of all thanks for your application and the work you put into it. You made it really easy for many users to activate, jailbreak and unlock their iPhone/iPod touch.

What was the inspiration for creating ZiPhone? Was there some point in time where you said to yourself “I need to do this” or how did you decide to do what you did?

I did it for myself since it took 3 hours to do all the procedure.
Then a friend came to me telling “you are crazy!! release it !! people will love you!”
So I did.

The new iPhone 3G is coming out in a matter of hours. What’s your opinion about it and what are your plans with ZiPhone and the new iPhone/software?

2.0 is useless. It’s only a security hardening.

I see you already had the chance to play with the iPhone software 2.0. Did Apple manage to change things so that it’ll be harder for you and other developers to activate/unlock and create software on their own without the App Store? Do you think has a future with the Apple’s own AppStore?

Ask them 🙂 [Holger: Keep watching the site for this]

Since activation now has to be done in the stores and the iPhone without a contract is very expensive, do you think people will still skip the official offerings by AT&T, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone and the other partners in favor of a provider of their choice?

Hmm. I think people will just buy the iPhone 3G and use App Store.

I guess many people are already asking if you will offer an easy solution for iPhone software 2.0 and the iPhone 3G to unlock it. Will you? How long will it take for your solution to arrive?

Unlock has been already done. Jailbreak is another story but without installer I think it’s useless. And I have yet to see an installer compile for 2.0.

Will you continue to support the old iPhone?

I will do what I can.

Thank you very much for your time! I guess you are pretty busy with the upcoming iPhone release?

Not busy. Pretty bored to say the truth…

There you have it. It’s just a short email interview I put together within a matter of minutes, but be sure to stick around for more info.

Bottom line: for those who are eager to upgrade to 2.0, wait! Zibri said in his latest post that he won’t be releasing anything tomorrow for the launch.