PwnageTool 2.0 is here

The new iPhone PwnageTool for the iPhone has been released just a few hours ago. It jailbreaks and activates both iPhone generation. It unlocks only first-gen iPhones! It DOES NOT (yet) unlock the iPhone 3G.

Everything you do after this next line is totally up to you. I won’t take any responsibility if the iPhone eats your children or does anything else! PwnageTool 2.0 as of this moment is only available for Mac OS X.

To use the PwnageTool you need the official iPhone firmware which is – for example – downloaded by iTunes (just let it download it, don’t install it). This file (ending in .ipsw) is the found by the PwnageTool. The tool also requires the bootloader files for you iPhone. For the first-gen iPhone this can be 3.9 or 4.6. Both can be found – for example – at During the process you’ll be asked whether or not you are a “legit iPhone user”. This means: Do you need to unlock or not. If you select “No” here, BootNeuter will unlock your iPhone.

After the PwnageTool does its job, which is creating a customized firmware, you have to put the iPhone into DFU mode using instructions that PwnageTool is giving you.

After this has been done iTunes will pop up and show you an iPhone in restore mode. Yon can only click restore. Hold your alt key and click restore in iTunes. A finder window will popup asking you to select the firmware you’d like to flash. Select the new ipsw file which is created by the PwnageTool. This file will usually be on your desktop. In my case it was called “iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Custom_Restore.ipsw”.

While iTunes and the phone do their job you will see the bitten off pineapple instead of the usual Apple logo when the iPhone boots.

After this has been done a tool called BootNeuter detects your iPhone config and flashes bootloader first and then the baseband. It does everything automatically. You don’t have to do anything! This only happens in case you said “No” to the “Valid iPhone user” question.

After BootNeuter is done it auto reboots the iPhone, which (hopefully) welcomes you in activated and jailbroken (and if first-gen iPhone unlocked) state.

Don’t worry the English configuration on the iPhone changes upon first sync into your language, for me German. I used this tool and it worked fine for me. I’ll give my first-gen iPhone with BL 3.9 its usual test drive but as of now everything’s working fine.

Thanks to the guys and girls out there who made this possible! Awesome job!