Google enables push mail via Exchange on Gmail

Google Sync Comic

Thank. Goodness. Push mail is now available for Gmail users on phones that support Exchange in some shape or form! It pushes to iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile users. Everyone should have seen this coming after they enabled push for calendar and contacts earlier this year.

For me this means I really have to look into paying for MobileMe anymore. I tend not to. The only thing that might hold me back could be “Find my iPhone” and the somehow weird way that Google Contacts work with my Address Book.

The latter might be just some a problem with the way I use my address book. The thing is: Google’s contacts only use a single field for the whole name and address, while Apple’s Address Book uses multiple fields for each entry (name, zip code, street, etc). I’ll try to wipe my Google contacts and make a clean sync, which will result in a mess (at least for Latitude) for sure. Some things are just too connected.

Oh and be aware: the iPhone only supports one Exchange account at a time! Here’s how to enable it. If you’re already using the calendar/contact sync on the iPhone, you just have to flick a little switch to on and disable the old IMAP account afterwards:
iPhone Gmail Push settings