Drobo S gets an update, adds USB 3.0

After Data Robotics just recently announced the DroboPro FS and Drobo Sync, the latter now shipping, the company today announced an updated Drobo S. It’s basically the same model like before but now also packs a USB 3.0 port.

On the back of the device you now have Firewire 800, eSATA and USB 3.0 (which is also backwards compatible to USB 2.0). The supported capacity is at 32 TB (and beyond), that is, as soon as we’ll get drives that large. With 3 TB drives now shipping the maximum capacity is now at 15 TB (5 bays for the Drobo S). Official support, read: a firmware update, for drives >2 TB should be available soon. The transfer speeds of the new Drobo S according to Data Robotics are now at topping out at 80 MByte/s. Besides the added USB 3.0 port nothing really changed with the unit. Owners of a pre-USB-3.0 Drobo S will be able to upgrade without any issues by swapping the drives from the old Drobo S to the new.

The price for the Drobo S stays the same and ship starting today from partners and (prices without VAT):