Safari 4 and the curious case of Google Gears

Safari 4 Beta with Google GearsA quick hint for those using the Safari 4 Beta in Mac OS X and wondering why Google Mail (with Gears from Safari 3) doesn’t work anymore.

Opening Gmail with an old version Gears enabled resulted in a blank white window. Disabling it brought Gmail back but, obviously, without the offline features. An updated version of Gears has been available for a while now, but the process of updating isn’t really obvious and just re-installing/updating Gears didn’t work for me for some reason.
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MobileFiles – Accessing your iDisk on the go

I recently looked for a way to get to my iDisk (part of MobileMe) from my iPhone and found a free app on Apple’s App Store, called MobileFiles which does exactly that.

MobileFiles can access your local files on the iPhone and multiple MobileMe iDisks, including your friends public folders. When you drill down to an actual file in the folder structure you can view many of the documents. Continue reading “MobileFiles – Accessing your iDisk on the go”