UK to stop Google Street View?


Yet another good one from the BBC:

Google’s plans to launch a mapping tool in the UK could be referred to the Information Commissioner.

Street View matches photos of locations to maps, including passers-by who were captured as the photograph was taken.

Privacy International, a UK rights group, believes the technology breaks data protection laws.

Okay, hmm, the UK… Wasn’t that the country with CCTV cameras at every corner? Yeah, I guess that’s it. Maybe the UK government wants to start its own “street view” service. Live, 24/7 and even more invasive than Google Street View. Can I throw in a name for it? How about “terrorist prohibition view” or short “TPV, brought to you by your government”.

Just as a reminder, here’s the radio ad of the Counter-Terrorism advertising campaign:


Great job guys. Spread the FUD.