Sometimes I wish there was a quicksave feature in live

Today something interesting happenend, that made Casi and I think about this: a quicksave feature in life.

Okay, so here’s the basic idea:
– You save the current state in life
– Then do something that would be a big, and I mean really big, laugh – although it might get you in trouble big time (if I told you what it was for us this would totally destroy the dream)
– After the laughter and the incoming trouble in form of a person kicking you out, you could just reload the former saved state
– The thing we thought of wouldn’t get you into the class of like “fired-trouble”. Actually it would still be worth the trouble, considering you would have said or done something everyone else around you is thinking in some way or another.

A colleague of mine did exactly this. He wrote a very funny and yet true mail to some large mail distributors and some distinct persons at work. He mentioned doing something very nasty to the desk of our former CEO. He – and the rest of us – didn’t have anything to lose, so he took the chance and wrote what everyone thought. He definately made some people smile for a long long time.