Something happens – and it’s all over the web within minutes

Janis Krums Twitter status
Yesterday we witnessed again (like before) how the real time web, with services like Twitter and Friendfeed, is able to get news out into the world in a matter of mere seconds. All it takes is a cell phone and an internet connection – and you’re good to go.

The pilots did a tremendous job bringing that plane down without anyone having major injuriues or even worse. The pilots are heroes.

I first learned about the crash by Thomas Hawk’s message on Twitter which got crossposted there from Friendfeed.

Within the first few minutes after the crash there several photos, messages, etc. on the web, while the old media was still trying to get their hosts and camera crews to the Hudson River. A Twitter search during this time resulted in more than 300 new messages about this event every few seconds.

There's a plane in the Hudson.This is one of the first photos which was captured by @jkrums and now has over 137.000 views. If TwitPic wouldn’t have gone down after everyone linked to this photo it’d probably be a lot more than that.