Moving right along

So, the past few days have been quite interesting, related to work and to the rest of life. Well first up my colleague Daniel and I (re-)launched A community-driven site that aggregates news from around the web. Currently everything is looking quite good, much better than I previously expected to be true. Comments on the idea and the site itself have been really great so far. Thanks to everyone taking part! You’re not doing it for Daniel or me – we are just providing the platform – you’re writing the news for you and the rest of the community. We already have some ideas for future enhancements but first we have to make sure, that the current features work as expected.

Besides that regular work is currently kind of stressing. Our show is only up for 9 more days until 31st of March. Then it’s time to move (on). So the first, usual pre-cautions have been taken care of and I’m almost good to go. It’s really sad to leave the current team. I guess most of us will only realize this after the last show or the party after that.