iTunes movie rentals – Fooling around

I just fooled around with my first iTunes movie rental, as it was nearing the end of the 24h watching-time. And found that after some playing around I went from 48mins left to 23h left. I can’t really tell yet what made the changes, so here’s all I did.

Here’s what I had and did:
– A movie rental (“Live Free Or Die Hard”, don’t make fun of me, kthx 🙂 ) bought on the 16th at 9:32pm.
– First started playing at around 01:00am on the 17th
– Didn’t watch it completely
– Completed it some time on the 17th at around 1:00pm
– Around 48mins before it should time out I played the movie from iTunes again. Went back to the start of the movie
– Watched for a few seconds
– Closed the movie in iTunes which of course stopped playing it
– Then located it in the finder and tried opening it with VLC (0.8.6d), just to see what happens. Gave me some random frame and error’d then as expected
– Closed VLC
– Opened the movie in QuickTime which didn’t work as it told me it needed authentication
– Went back to iTunes to find “23 hours left” on the movie
– Restarted iTunes and it’s really there
– Last modified date on the file is the 18th at 1:17am – which is around the time I opened it with the whole iTunes/VLC/QuickTime-process. So I can’t really tell what made the modification

Let me know if anyone finds out what happened here. I’ll try some of the things tomorrow again, once the movie nears the end. Made a screenshot with current time and date.

Update 2008-01-19 1:23am: Whatever I did yesterday, I wasn’t able to reproduce it today. The movie is gone.