iPhone 6 availability in the Bay Area

I’ve been querying Apple’s iPhone availability JSON feeds for 20 Apple Stores in the Bay Area for a couple of weeks now. Below you find the data starting on October 10th1. Note that this right now only includes AT&T and T-Mobile models of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as these were the ones I was originally interested in before planning to have a closer look at this data for this purpose. I was using the data only for a small iOS app that notifies me when a given iPhone model becomes available at a chosen nearby Apple Store. The Verizon and Sprint models are included in my dataset starting today. I’m also working on including the availability data from Apple Germany. I’ll have to revisit these at a later date. Below you find the numbers grouped by model, day and availability2. My raw data also includes all variations, e.g. Apple Store, model (iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus), color (space grey, silver and gold) and capacity (16, 64 and 128 GB) based on the separate SKUs.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 AT&T unavailable

iPhone 6 AT&T available

iPhone 6 T-Mobile unavailable

iPhone 6 T-Mobile available

For the iPhone 6 the worst available variants are the 64 GB models, no matter what color or carrier. The 16 GB iPhone 6 on the other side are comparatively widely available.

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus AT&T unavailable

iPhone 6 Plus AT&T available

iPhone 6 Plus T-Mobile unavailable

iPhone 6 Plus T-Mobile available

As you can see by the numbers, actually being able to get an iPhone 6 Plus in an Apple Store is a totally different story compared to the iPhone 6. Worst are the 128 GB models, except only recently the silver model has become a little bit more available. But overall the numbers I got back from Apple’s JSON throughout the past 2 weeks are way smaller compared to the iPhone 6. I’m also tracking the iPad Air 2 data for all available models, but that’s something to look at in another post. Early data however shows that the new iPad Air 2 isn’t hard to get. All models seem to be available for pickup in every of my 20 tested stores.

  • I have data leading back to September 20, but there were some problems gathering data in end of September/early October, so I decided to start the charts on October 10. 
  • I’m aware that the numbers for October 16 and 17 are missing. I left them out because I couldn’t get reliable data from Apple for those two days.