Content is king

A couple of days ago Casi wrote a post about people only posting (funny) videos on their blogs. Well you can complain about it or you can just use your “voice” and stop reading those blogs. It’s their content and they possibly want you to read it – if it doesn’t interest you, stop the subscription. It’s as simple as that.

In case of my blog: if someone doesn’t like my way of telling what’s currently going on, that’s fine for me and you could complain or just stop visiting. According to GA I have a relatively high rate of returning visitors, for whatever reason. Some days there are more, like when Daniel is linking here, but most of the time there are only the regular visitors and a couple of fly-by’s. I don’t post here to get as many subscribers as possible, I do it because I like sharing my photos and enjoy hearing from people wo like them. Looking at that rather small returning crowd I’m quite happy they come back every once in a while. For some of you I know who you are, either via geolocation, some GA research or because you just told me.

But back to Casi’s point. I personally don’t like the idea of only posting random links or videos either and thus wouldn’t carry on reading or subscribing if someone is just posting that kind of content to his blog. But, of course, that’s only my two cents…