Raspberry Pi 4: New revision fixes two annoying problems

It didn’t take long until some people started noticing issues with the Raspberry Pi 4* when it was first announced last year. Namely there were issues with regular USB C power adapters/cables that resulted in not getting power to the tiny board. Because of a missing resistor these adapters recognized the Pi as an audio device and disabled sending power down the line. Secondarily there was a tiny voltage switch next to the micro SD card slot, that could easily be ripped off while inserting the card.

Those two issues are history as The Register reports. USB C should work with all usual adapters and the switch was moved to the top of the board. Without much fanfare the Raspberry Pi Foundation started production of a new revision of the board, Revision 1.2 (Code “c03112”). This is not a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B or anything obvious like this. The foundation silently changed production. So depending on how long the store you’re buying from has had its models in their warehouse you may get a new or old revision. Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd, however expects the update “to have reached end users by now”.

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