Another week went by

Well, yeah, one more week passed including the daily sit-ins at my colleagues. Watching TV and having a drink or two. Missing my S-Bahn regularly while seeing it leave while coming right out of my house.

On a side note, I guess I recruited a new Dead Like Me Fan last week. Don’t know if she’s actually reading this, but I hope she likes the whole season one DVD like the pilot. It’s a shame they killed the series after just two seasons.

Oh and you might have noticed the slight redesign up there in the header. Just a five minute job, but I think it looks better than the previous text-only header.

And I completed the sixth month working at NBC GIGA. There are some major changes coming up and I’m excited to see what’ll happen in the next few weeks.

More to come as soon as possible… 🙂

Oh, one more thing: Don’t miss the new episodes of Welt der Wunder – Schau dich schlau on RTL 2 if you can receive it in any way! A good friend of mine is hosting this show.

More music…

Once again a musicblog. Once again Adam Curry started a new project: The podsafe music network is meant to make unknown artists popular. The interface is a little bit stupid (you can’t do anything else besides having the site open if you want to hear something), but I hope this changes very soon.

Still you can go to the artists site, which is linked in the information of each artist and download most of their music there too.

I hope Adam will manage to allow normal MP3 downloads from the podsafe music network soon.


While searching for some new podcasts I stumbled across Annik Rubens “Schlaflos in München”. This is my first official german podcast I’m subscribed to and it’s a really good one too. So give it a try if you’re into podcasts!

And while being there I saw the following picture: ugh

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