It’s CeBIT time…

Well, yeah it’s already time for CeBIT 2005. My colleagues who work with me in the same channel have all left to Hannover. So I’m the one left in Düsseldorf who keeps our part of the Website alive.

It’s really fun at the moment. Very nice colleagues and all. Sometimes there’s not much to do, but now with the CeBIT there is always a little hurry involved, especially in the morning. Let’s see how it goes on until next wednesday/thursday…

Back to work. Take care everyone!

In my new home

So I just arrived at my new home for the next 4 weeks. Carried my bags up and met my new flatmate. It’s really much better than the old room I had for the previous 4-5 weeks. Is it really that long already? Hmm. However, compared to the old room this is a 5-star hotel room. It’s nice of her to let me stay here while she’s away!

There are a few things I have to figure out as of now, but I guess it’s nothing I couldn’t handle 😉