You got Webster’ed! It’s that time of the year again

Yep, Merriam-Webster announced the new words that are included in the latest Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. The new words include webinar, malware, netroots, pretexting and fanboy.

Webinar? That’s so 1998. Netroots? What the heck are netroots? I guess I have to look it up in the dictionary. Pretexting? Thanks to Hewlett-Packard for refreshing my memories. Fanboy? A kind hello to various online forums out there. Malware? Did I get you?

What I’m wondering about is the inclusion of words like Prosecco, Kiteboarding or Pescatarian. They really weren’t in there before? SFGate has a list of more words you might or might not have heard before.