Widgets for iOS? How about something like this…

I’m usually not someone who creates mockups of would-be-could-be-maybe software. But this is one case where it was rather easy to see some elements that might happen in an upcoming version of iOS. Dashboard widgets have been in OS X for a while now. There’ve been rumors/wishes for a while now that Apple might add the ability for widgets to iOS too. In last weeks Apple keynote I’ve seen the following frame of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion):

This screenshot shows part of the dashboard integration in 10.7.

While the iPhone and iPod touch obviously don’t have enough screen real estate I can imagine seeing something like this on the iPad:

The current iOS search page looks like it could use some more features. So how about adding widgets? It’d be really nice to have some information available in form of a widget. Your widgets could also peak through to the lock screen, thus saving you from unlocking the device to just see your daily agenda, etc. This could also be a place to view/save push notifications instead of having the rather annoying and possibly multiple dialog boxes of today.