Why, oh why…

So, there we go again. Another fine example how big media in Germany most of the time is at least a few months behind. RTL a few days ago started to make a big deal about showing “The Great Global Warming Swindle”. For all you YouTubers: get your copy here. This “documentary” was first shown in march. Of course the official version for the delay, if anyone over here will notice it all, will be something like “But we had secure all the rights”.

This is just another example of how bad TV is over here. Another sample are all those TV shows: The dubbing generally is so bad that you get the impression they only had one dubbing artist for the whole cast. CSI for example: in my opinion it’s totally unwatchable in the German version. I fell asleep listening to that one monotone voice. Everybody sounds the same. If you watch one original english episode of the series in question you never want to watch another version.

Another matter is the lag between the US and the German seasons of any particular US series. I don’t want to watch a show that remotely refers to something that is happening in the world right now. I’m wondering when that last seasons Simpsons episode criticizing the Iraq war will air here in Germany. But then again, maybe the Bushmeister will then have invaded some other country for whatever reason again. It just doesn’t make sense, I mean the three year old episodes and Skippy.

I refuse to watch a badly dubbed show, that is a few years old and therefore isn’t “new” anymore. I can only advise you to buy the full-season DVDs of your favorite after it aired in the US. No advertisments, the whole show in one package and no stupid German localisations.