Up 2 date post

So I start with what happened the past two weeks. I was in Leipzig for my company on the Games Convention. It was a real pain at some point, but everything came out great in the end. You really get to know your colleagues when you share a hotel room with them. In the rest of evening we had, we met at our room to talk, have fun with Apples Photobooth, played Mario Kart DS or just have fun with the stone-like bread we got along with our salads… There are some movies of all that, but I guess I’m not allowed to post them anywhere 😉

This weekend I went to an “old” friend, we didn’t even know how long or how we met, but it was fun meeting her in real life. She didn’t get back to me yet, so I’m not sure, if she thinks the same or is just tired of all that wandering around. 😉 I guess I even got a sunburn on my head. The weather was absolutely fabulous.