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The Secret History of the Apple Watch

David Pierce for Wired:

Our phones have become invasive. But what if you could engineer a reverse state of being? What if you could make a device that you wouldn’t—couldn’t—use for hours at a time? What if you could create a device that could filter out all the bullshit and instead only serve you truly important information? You could change modern life. And so after three-plus decades of building devices that grab and hold our attention—the longer the better—Apple has decided that the way forward is to fight back.

Great article that reveals some history of the upcoming Apple Watch. And what it must have felt like to be Kevin Lynch that first day, coming to Apple, not knowing what you’ll be working on and then to find out the project you’re running is behind schedule:

As soon as he [Kevin Lynch] walked into the studio, he found out the project he’d been hired to run was already on deadline. In fact, it was behind schedule. There was a design review in two days, he was told, with the Apple brass. Lynch had better be ready.