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The Retina Wars

Wells Riley – The Retina War is upon us:

Many websites and desktop apps will make the leap to hybrid Retina + 1x sooner than later, but how long until designers abandon 1x forever? The tech world abandoned Internet Explorer before Firefox even had 30% marketshare. It was easy for us to get behind ‘the cause’ of killing IE, but that was an easily replaced software product. Today we’re on the verge of a hardware revolution, initiated by a premium brand, that may or may not trickle down to PC OEMs. How long before designers start imposing a “1x Tax” on consumers with non-Retina computers because it’s too expensive and laborious to maintain two separate asset libraries? The problem gets worse – I can’t design for 1x on my Retina Macbook Pro. It’s impossible.

The future is bright and @2x.