Some things change, some don’t

Moving to a new place is always some kind of a challenge. Having friends who help you get things running are really great and can’t be exchanged by anything else. Especially if there are certain things you don’t want to do in the first place. Sometimes you win at first sight – what makes you feel good – but after a – rather short – time one notices you lost really something important. Or even worse many things that were important to you but didn’t realize it at first and better not talk about it. But after saying only few words certain people just know what it’s about.

I really like to just watch people. See how they work and what they do. Rather quickly one notices who the good and who the bad are. Sometimes first impression is wrong but there’s a good chance that it’s fitting perfectly. Then the next step is to find out who you can talk with and who is just trying to make a good impression. Here the first impression recently was very correct. It was impressive how simple and the same way, plain stupid some people are. Sometimes listening and getting the idea might be a good idea, but what the heck, do it your way and crash the thing. Do it again and crash again, chances are you’ll learn – I hope. Rant over.

I see these things that are happening right now might be taking me to the “right” way. There are a few months left until I have to make the decision, let’s see what the future at the different places has for me. I see changes.