Short iPhone preview


So, today we had the chance, as the first German TV station as far as I know, to show off Apples newest device, the iPhone. Some of you might already have heard of it. Unfortunately we only had the chance to give it a quick glance, as it came with a CEO attached. Thanks again to Gravis’ Archibald Horlitz for giving us the chance to give it a quick preview.

The first impression was very good. Although I didn’t have the chance to give it the syncing and voice quality test. We were just able to give a short preview on how the device itself feels and handles. All the apps were reacting very quick and the only things I noticed that seemed odd were the on-screen keyboard, which I guess just needs some adjustment of my own fingers, and the movement of “things” on the screen. You have to get used to the two finger pinching thing or moving and zooming into the map in Google Maps as it can be very sensitive.

The screen is very bright, even on medium setting and delivers a crisp image. CoverFlow looks really great on the iPhone. Also the built-in camera has a good quality for 2 Megapixels, at least when watching the photos on the phone itself. As said before, I haven’t been able to test more than the iPhone.

So we all can just wait on what provider will be chosen for the German/European launch. Got some nice info on how many people would change their provider for just the iPhone; it’s really astounding that it’s that many.

Overall impression so far was really good. Of course it’s just the first glimpse and there all things that Apple has to do in the future. I actually think it’s kind of good that the Americans now act as beta testers until the Europeans get a 3G version of the iPhone.