Florian Mueller on FOSS Patents:

– Do not develop in the open. Instead, make source code available after innovation is complete
– Lead device concept: Give early access to the software to partners who build and distribute devices to our specification (ie, Motorola and Verizon). They get a non-contractual time to market advantage and in return they align to our standard.

This came to light as part of a internal document that was presented during the Oracle vs. Google case that’s taking place at the moment.

Once again, anyone surprised that Android isn’t as open as Google says it is? The first bullet point isn’t a real surprise after witnessing the whole Honeycomb deal unfolded earlier this year.

The second one on the other hand is a bit more of a “bombshell”. While you could guess that this was happening behind the scenes, we now got some written proof that it does.

Now we can all laugh together, when someone at Google is trying to point out how cool and dandy (and open, obviously) everything is in Android-land.