Rocky start for Google Music

CNET’s Greg Sandoval about Google Music not living up to expectations:

Google Music was supposed to have an inside track marketing music to the 200 million Android users, but performance so far is not what was expected.

Three months after launching, Google Music hasn’t lived up to expectations, CNET has learned.

Google’s managers have told counterparts at the labels that customer adoption and revenue are below what they expected, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the talks.

Google Music has been live for barely a full quarter, so nobody is panicking. Google has yet to throw the full force of its marketing muscle behind the service, and managers have told the record companies that they are trying to correct certain issues. Still, the numbers are low enough for some in the music sector to be concerned, the sources said.

Looks like just a few hundred million users aren’t enough to get a music service started and be successful with it. Those users also might not actually be able to help you much when your music store isn’t accessible from outside the US.