Release day economics

From Uniform Motion:

Our new record was ‘officially’ released today. This means that you’ll find the digital version on various different Digital music stores like iTunes, Amazon MP3 and eMusic, and you’ll be able to stream the music from services such as Spotify and Deezer.

They go on describing in detail how much money they make from streaming on Spotify, selling an album on Amazon MP3 and iTunes, and by selling a classic CD and even Vinyl.

If you look at the digital sales the best deal for them is selling their music on iTunes – if they sell 24 albums, because it costs them 35 Euros per year per album (they currently have 3, so it’s 105 Euros/year overall) to just keep the albums on sale on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. Due to the 70%-30% split they get 6,28 Euros/album from the 8,91 Euros it’ll cost you to get it.

(HT @Telexico)