Random headlines

Yahoo and Microsoft making the rounds with old lovers?

Microsoft now wants to get some friends to seal the deal? Time Warner und News Corp. Awesome! How many news do we have to read until it finally stops?

For Bill Gates, the next phase begins

Yet another recent big bruhaha by Microsoft. After hundreds of redundant news about Gates leaving Microsoft we have now reached the time for hundreds of redundant news about Microsoft without Gates – even though he isn’t really away away. I just don’t care about the Windows XP EOL news anymore.

A little history lesson about Microsoft, Bill Gates and his airport races can be heard on Windows Weekly Episode #65.

Sony: Firmware v2.40 status

This really didn’t work out as planned. First they come up with the big news about how great this update will be and now they had to take 2.40 down. “A limited number of calls from consumers experiencing an issue with installing the system software update on their PS3” leaves some room for speculation as usual. How many is a limited number? 10, 100, 1.000 or maybe more?

Mozilla Sets New Guinness World Record with Firefox 3 Downloads

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Firefox. Especially version 3 added some great feature and also works quite a bit faster than before. But I guess 8.002.530 downloads in 24 hours won’t hold up too long. Let’s wait for Microsoft’s numbers for a usual patch tuesday.

Apple iPhone 3G

Oh well, one more week to go. I’m interested to see if there’ll be lines at Germany’s T-Mobile stores like last year. I was surprised that Germans would really stand in the rain at midnight on a cold november night, all that just for a new mobile phone.