Pixel Pusher…

This day was a really creative one. Casi and I had some fun – actually we’ll still have on the days to come – creating some funny clips for the upcoming relaunch on monday. One thing right upfront: I hate his video editing software! It can hardly import anything that’s beyond uncompressed AVIs or straight MPEGs. That being said, I don’t know he can stand working with that -eh- thing. Anyways, I created some special effects, which – in my opinion – could be done much better if time wasn’t that crucial at the moment. But it still looks pretty nifty. Then there was some sound-action going on, besides the motion graphics stuff which has become a usual thing for me recently.

At the moment he’s editing the whole thing down while I have a date with Boujou. This isn’t looking that good at the moment – we are just not aligning very well yet. Better work that out in the next two days I guess.

Aaaand, current weather forecast tells me that sunday might be a day to go out shoot some new photos. Let’s see what the next target will be.

Oh, one more thing: Codemonkey rocks!