So, more than a month passed since my last entry and my move to Berlin. The move was a true horror, a week full of carrying things around. First the private move on a weekend, including a whole-day-trip to Ikea. Carrying all those things to the 3rd floor was like hell. The most important thing was to get a bed right on the second day, so I didn’t have to sleep on the floor. A month later nothing much has come into that room, a desk, a small cabinet, the bed and a chair. Our living room doesn’t contain much more, but at the moment it doesn’t really matter, as we primarily are at work.

Internet also hasn’t yet arrived. The technician first came only to find out, that we didn’t have access to the basement. The next time we only found a note, that he was there, but none of us was. Well, perhaps it might be smarter to tell us when he’s coming. Just an idea. So, no phone or internet either. Well, cell phones rule anyways 😉

Our show made a smooth transition from Düsseldorf to Berlin, I think. Things have changed. Some to the better, some to the worse.

Got me the new iPod. They actually managed to get an even better sound quality on the new model over the previous models. Watching videos on it also is a nice thing. It isn’t as big as the other portable media players out there, so it fits perfect into any pocket. Also new PowerBooks were announced this month and I’m really thinking about getting one of these. The press rebates are really nice… Anyone want my old Mac mini? Fully-fledged with all features available.

So how was your last month? Get me up to speed… 🙂