MPAA: Lost in translation

MG Siegler at PandoDaily translating MPAA’s letter (PDF) about yesterday’s SOPA/PIPA blackouts:

If there’s a worse kind of statement Dodd could have crafted, it’s hard to think of what that could be. The end alone implies that the MPAA may have the clout to force the President and the broader U.S. government to step in, but the fact that the “blackouts” are going on today as planned shows they do not.

The right move here would have been to keep your mouth shut. The MPAA is fighting a PR battle they can’t win. Their best course of action is the lobby the hell out of this stuff behind the scenes and hope that negates the public backlash in the minds of lawmakers. (You can be sure they’re doing that too.)

Another interesting look at this SOPA/PIPA/OPEN mess is Adam Curry’s piece about SOPA being a Red Herring coughthick whoiscough and suggesting to follow the money instead of just blacking out sites for 24 hours.

Update: For those asking what SOPA and PIPA actually are, here’s a video that might answer your questions.