Missing incentive

Pocket Gamer:

The Samsung Galaxy S II has been removed from Rockstar’s list of officially supported devices for the 10th Anniversary Edition of Grand Theft Auto III.


One reason could be the dual-core Exynos chip that powers the Samsung Galaxy S II, with Rockstar opting to focus on supporting Android devices that run on the more widely used Tegra 2 processor instead.

Oh yeah, that fragmentation thing again. Even the “hot-selling Samsung Galaxy S II”, as Pocket Gamer put it, couldn’t push the developers over the edge to make the game officially run on that piece of hardware?

And yes, it won’t run on the more than two year old iPhone 3GS either. The Galaxy S II on the other hand isn’t even one year old and most probably could run the game, if there was an incentive for the developers to make it work. I guess at $5 US they didn’t expect it to sell well on that platform.