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Microsoft acquires (chunk of) Nokia — and their next CEO?

Ben Thompson — The Deal That Makes No Sense:

Moreover, the fact Steve Ballmer is stepping down makes a deal of this magnitude hugely problematic. Guy English has already characterized Ballmer’s disastrous reorganization as a straitjacket for the next CEO; adding on a mobile phone business that Microsoft probably should abandon is like attaching an anchor to said straitjacket and tossing the patient into the ocean. It will be that much more difficult for the next CEO to look at Windows Phone rationally.

MG Siegler – Microsoft to acquire Nokia’€™s… (Basically Nokia):

8) It’s actually a pretty decent use of overseas cash, which would otherwise be taxed if repatriated


9) Lighting the money on fire would have also saved it from being taxed.

Regarding 9) Does it?