Making my way to iPhone 1.1.2

So tonight I accepted the fight and updated my iPhone to the most recent firmware 1.1.2. If you’re interested in the process, read on…

Here’s the state before the recent upgrade was:
– US iPhone bought in mid september
– Activated, jailbroken and unlocked firmware 1.1.1
– iTunes 7.5 on my MacBook Pro
(- Getting no mailbox notifications from Vodafone Germany)

First I used the guide found here at Hackint0sh forums. The tools I used were independenc 1.3 beta 2 and the Jailbreak Software 1.1.2 (as found in the Hackint0sh guide). To unlock the phone at firmware 1.0.2 I used anySIM 1.2.1u. I had problems using the version found on the iphone-elites Google Code page. It would just crash without being able to put it to work.

First I updated the iPhone to 1.1.2 so it got the most recent firmware and baseband. The latter needs some patching so you can use almost any SIM card you like. To patch the baseband you need to downgrade to 1.0.2 (1.1.1 might work too, but I got back to 1.0.2 as written in the guide). 1.1.2 does not work with the anySIM version we’ll be using anySIM!

The thing I noticed was that after patching the baseband I had a fully working iPhone with firmware 1.0.2 and the 04.01.13_G baseband from firmware 1.1.2. I could make calls, etc. After making my way to 1.1.1 my SIM wasn’t able to connect to the provider. All carriers in the system settings were greyed out. I thought I had a dead iPhone at that moment.

After some trying at unlocking again – which didn’t work – I ignored the error and just followed the guide to upgrade to 1.1.2 (using Oktoprep from and update in iTunes 7.5). After 1.1.2 was activated and jailbroken I now have a fully working iPhone with firmware 1.1.2. Now I’m also getting my voicemail notifications from Vodafone which wouldn’t come through before. The phone is also totally localised now (don’t know yet if I like that or not). Oh another thing: When I was doing that jailbreaking I had to use the original AT&T SIM – the *#307# wouldn’t work with the Vodafone SIM. Figured it was a good idea not to throw that card away 🙂

So there you go. Some minor headaches but in the end it worked out fine, once again. The guys and girls at iPhone Dev Team, iPhone Elite, independence and all the others – besides the IPSF team – are doing a really great job! Thanks!

Just wanted to add this:
One thing I have to get a clue on is what that iPhone is doing while on EDGE and basically doing nothing. For example: Vodafone tells me I transferred 16 MByte in just two days while the internal iPhone counter says it only took 200 kByte. I’d really love to know what’s going on there… Anyone care to compare their data and tell me what’s their take on it?