Links – For Reasons

It’s been quite some time, but I thought it’d be nice to add some info here with other places where you can find me. Especially since you’re now – on some sites – no longer allowed to link to your other accounts. It’s really only a handful:

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’ll be a poll in a few hours asking people if Twitter’s dumb rule of the day should be revoked. And then 24 hours later it’ll be scrapped and/or people will be let back in.

That’s his modus operandi nowadays:
– Let someone publish a new idiotic rule and immediately ban some famous people
– Wait a bit for people to get upset and talk about him and his stupid rule
– Come up with a poll
– Optional: redo the poll because he didn’t like the outcome of the first poll
– Let people back on the site (if they delete their tweets, even if they’re linking to publicly available information that is being broadcast through the air)
– Post how Twitter „is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
– Rinse, repeat

More and more people are figuring out that the only way to stop this is to stop giving him (and his 44 billion dollar website) attention and leave Twitter.

Update: The policy (here on lasted only a few hours.