It Takes Two To Talk

It Takes Two To TalkIt Takes Two To Talk Hosted on Zooomr

It’s always astonishing how two people communicate. Sometimes I just like to watch people talk to each other.

I’d say I’m personally better at writing than speaking. Recently I felt quiet comfortable with the things I said – and wrote for that matter – and do not regret them. That is the most important thing you have to think of before you say – or write – anything. Think about important things before you say them to be sure you won’t be sorry later. Write them down, sleep about it, and then look at it the next day. If you are still fine, go ahead. I feel that this kind of important decision might come up in my life in the not too distant future, but I made the right decisions in the recent past – maybe one was a little off last week – and still feel they were right.

Back to the talking part: If someone I know even remotely wants to talk to me they can be sure I’ll listen – and talk back. Just don’t try to shitcan yourself by saying things you do not mean. Talking takes at least two… Observing isn’t the same as talking.