I don’t like the timing either

I don't like the timing eitherI don’t like the timing either Hosted on Zooomr

You are making a list of things to buy and all you can think of is it. You watch TV and all that’s in your mind is it. You can’t follow the plot. There’s only one thing you wish to follow.

Trying to finish the day. It always reminds you of something you like to remember. Something that has been gone for a while. Things of everyday life do not work. It doesn’t matter. You’d do everything to get back that feeling. It seems to be gone for so long. But after a while people come back.

The feeling is slowly fading. You try to keep it in your head. Maybe because there was something wrong with the decisions that put everything where it is now. For some reason you think there was something you could do – but then again, maybe everything is only a wish.