Blog now streaming in Europe – but how long? (Update: roughly 2 days)

Even though there’s still that warning sign when you open up that tells you it’s “US only”, apparently some shows are now available for streaming in Europe. My bet is that it’s just a hole that’ll be plugged soon.

Update 1: Looks like the accessibility is only new for Europe, Canada still can’t access the videos.

Update 2: It’s back to normal again. is back to blocking non-US users again. It was nice while it lasted.

These shows work for me:
30 Rock: episodes 307 and 308
The Biggest Loser: episode 701
Crusoe: episode 109
ER: episodes 1511 and 1512
Friday Night Lights: episode 301
Howie do it: episodes 101, 102 and 103
Kath & Kim: episode 110
Knight Rider: episode 111
Late Night with Conan O’Brien: January 6th – 15th
Lipstick Jungle: episode 213
Momma’s Boys: episodes 103 and 104
My Name is Earl: episodes 413 and 414
The Office: episode 511
Superstars of Dance: episodes 101 to 103
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: January 12th – 15th

See a pattern here? No? Well, it’s NBC only. I wonder if this “feature” will really stick. I doubt it. But for the time being, enjoy the latest episode of 30 Rock!