Hidden Facebook iPad app? Here’s how to enable it

You might have read MG Siegler’s article on the hidden iPad app. Well, here we go into the more “technical details” on how to enable it, without jailbreaking your device.

Update: According to TechCrunch Facebook has found a way to block the iPad app. It was fun while it lasted – for those who use Facebook.

Update 2: The latest Facebook App update removed the complete iPad code from the app. Hence even FaceForward isn’t able to enable it anymore.

Disclaimer: Please create a backup of your files before following these steps. Since this kind of modification is highly unsupported it might not work (at best) or eat your kids (at worst).

First off, you obviously have to download/install the Facebook app from the App Store on your iPad. I first started the app and logged in once to make sure everything was in place and running. You’ll get the iPhone view of the app at this point. Close the app and kill it using the multitasking bar.

Next up, install iPhone Explorer to be able to browse your iPad. Next, connect your iPad to your Mac.

Start iPhone Explorer and navigate to Apps, Facebook, There you’ll find a file called info.plist. Drag and drop that file to your desktop.

Open the plist file on your desktop using an editor. I have Xcode installed so it opens with that by default.

Add a new number value in UIDeviceFamily so your plist file looks as shown in the screenshot. Save the plist and drag’n’drop it back into the Facebook application folder that’s still open in iPhone Explorer.

Start the Facebook app and enjoy the iPad UI. Next up: find out when Facebook will release it to the public.