Germany goes crazy about those TouchPads (Update)

Carsten Knobloch:

Gestern verkündeten wir, dass wir noch eine größere Menge HP TouchPads für euch besorgt haben. Dies ist richtig, die Geräte stehen immer noch in unserem Lager und warten auf die Käufer. Allerdings hat uns euer Interesse überrannt. Wir haben mit gewaltigem Interesse gerechnet, aber diese Masse an Zugriffen, diesen gewaltigen Ansturm hält kaum ein Server stand, egal welche Kapazitäten zur Verfügung gestellt werden. Obwohl unsere Freunde von Ondango große Server-Kapazitäten zur Verfügung gestellt haben, sind wir von eurem Ansturm mehr als überrascht.

Yesterday the german online shop announced they had 1.300 32 GB HP TouchPads to sell for 139 Euros today. They wanted to sell them via their Facebook Shop. This was the first thing many people didn’t like, because they weren’t a Facebook member.

A few minutes after this announcement went out, their blog was overrun, just to be followed by their Facebook shop provider Ondango. This was all before they were actually selling anything. As a result the number of “fans” on Facebook went from 30k to above 110k literally over night.

This morning, when everything was supposed to go down, the Ondango servers still weren’t able to cope with the load. So while people were waiting for the sale to go live, the store decided to go another route altogether. They put up the above blog post saying that they won’t sell the 1.300 TouchPads directly but rather put up a form, where people can register. After 48h they’ll then randomly select 1.300 “winners” who can then buy the tablet. This was the second thing people didn’t like, because some had been waiting all morning.

Last update was that the supposed registration site might not actually go up today.

This just shows how many people actually go crazy because there’s some device to be sold, for cheap nonetheless. I have a feeling this won’t be the last news we heard about this.

The registration form is now online.