First glance at Photokina

First glance

Today I had the chance to have a first look at Photokina’s inner workings. I’m an editor at the show working with one of the few HD stations in Germany, and no it isn’t Premiere. That being said I decided to walk around the show floors to have a sneak peak at some of the booths.

Of course there weren’t any products to see yet, so I can’t really tell you if there’ll be a D3x or not. The Nikon booth at this point didn’t show any signs of it at least. The Canon booth, right in sight from Nikon in the other hall, is pretty huge and looked almost finished. All the carpets were still secured by their plastic wrap and there was the usual sound of saws and hammers all around.

Panasonic, right next door to Canon also looked very important and primarily busy. They totally closed their booth with a fence, so there was no way of getting up close. Don’t know what fancy things they were hiding there.

Then there is of course “tiny town”, all the tiny companies who have a small booth somewhere around the various halls. Completion of their booth wasn’t nearly as close as it was for the main exhibitors. My best guess is, looking at the free spots available at different halls, that they’ll arrive on the weekend and put up their four walls just in time for the official opening on tuesday.

I’m looking forward to have some of the interesting heads of the big guns at our shows.

Be sure to watch my Flickr stream for photos of the show. Since Photokina is in my hometown, I’ll probably have the time to update it every day with updated impressions for all the people who don’t have the chance to visit Cologne this time. This show definitely looks very interesting already.