First from MkIII and more

As Long As Thats True

This is the first photo from Zooomr MkIII I post on my blog. At first sight most of the functions over there at the moment don’t seem that new. Of course, there’s the Zipline but many features will be unveiled as soon as they get the system load-balanced. Can’t wait to see all of the things they put into the new version.

There has been some talk about Zooomr recently. Robert Scoble “rushed forward” and two great companies stepped up and gave that two guys, Kristopher Tate and Thomas Hawk, a place for their new server. Namely it’s Zoho and Sun Microsystems. After almost two weeks Zooomr is now slowly returning to normal state. All the coding for Zooomr is done by Kris. If you watched the Zooomr Ustreams you know how tired Kris and Tom are after these 14 days.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to bring you more recent images as my camera is currently being repaired at Canon due to an “Err99”-message. Just got the note that it arrived safely on saturday. Hope they can fix the problem soon and I can go out and frame the world. For some reason they don’t give you a RMA before you send out the defect hardware, so I felt a little uncertain because I didn’t hear anything until yesterday. But now I can actually monitor the status over the web. Nice!