E3 2008 – Fear not, the yawning game will be over soon

In the gaming world this past week has been all about E3 in LA. But just like the recent years it didn’t manage to bring really stunning news. Of course there were things like Final Fantasy coming to the Xbox 360, but most of the “news” only were updates on titles we already knew existed.

Don Reisinger, a person I’m wondering about how he manages to get all that stuff out like he does, did a recent podcast about this at CNET.

All three major players, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, didn’t really show any special new things. Nintendo is going to jump on the Singstar-Guitar-Hero-Rockband bandwagon, doing Wii Sports Rev 2 and of course didn’t forget to mention how great they are.

Sony announced a price drop of their console (as did Microsoft just a day before E3) and how cheap, 30 Dollars to be exact, some of their games are getting. There also was the announcement of their video store, congratulations. Oh yeah, they also said they’re awesome.

And then there was Microsoft, the first major press conference of the whole show on monday. I really thought they had some major things to show considering the 360 price drop on sunday. Boy, was I wrong. For the US the inclusion of Netflix might be major news, for the rest of the world, not so much. Then there was Final Fantasy XIII, which – at this point – won’t be released for the 360 where it has many fans: Japan. Other than that? Well – you guessed it – they mentioned they’re doing fine.

Of course the show generated many news (and videos) and gave the people there the possibilty to play some of the upcoming games, but overall E3 looks like a show where old news were getting some more hot air.

By the way – this is for the people covering it: if you’re doing a “live ticker” you have to say thanks for sites like Engadget/Joystiq, because you can virtually xerox them. Show them some love, it’s not such a bad thing.