Could you learn English, please?

So I went to Hamburg yesterday by train. The most interesting part of that ride was the way back to Cologne. I have never heard the word “apologize” that often on a single day. “We apologize for any troubles you had and hope to see you back in our trains soon.” At every station the same procedure. First in German then in English. And at some point the girl sitting next to me started shaking the head. “It’s the same, everytime. Sorry this, sorry that.” We made some jokes about it, which distracted both of us of the smelly and noisy container we were travelling in.

The best moment however was when someone a few rows in front of us asked the ticket-man if the persons were being trained to speak English at all. The announcers English was really bad. “Ssssssank you very mutch.” That question, again, resulted in some chuckles around our metal bin. That guy had a hard time that evening, but he well deserved it. At some point even his German excuses sounded like he was drunk. “Der Zug in Richtung Bielefeld fährt um 22.32 von Gleis” inserthiccuphere short break “18”.

With that type of company even using the train starts to be fun. Thanks, who ever you were, getting out in Düsseldorf yesterday evening 🙂