Connecting in Cologne

Mark Blevis
Almost exactly two weeks ago I got the opportunity of meeting with Mark Blevis who was in town. Truth to be told, I haven’t met many bloggers or podcasters in person. I actually found out about Mark’s visit in Cologne from CC Chapman‘s twitter feed. This is one of the reasons I love todays world.

Could you imagine any way of meeting someone intentionally you didn’t know before 20 or even 10 years ago who was in town for just a few days? Any way to arrange a meeting so easily without the tools of todays world? Twitter, podcasts and many other services make the world an even smaller place than it already is. Even though you don’t know someone in person there are things that are able connect you with people all around the world.

It was a really great saturday morning, albeit it was very early for me, because I had to work until midnight the night before. But it sure was worth it. I tried to show him around town as best as I could. We chatted about podcasting, blogging and music. Mark is – like me – a fan of Matthew Ebel. Mark met Matthew in person which made me kind of jealous – something that’s definitely on my todo list.

It also was a really “touristy” morning. We even made it up the Cologne cathedral, something I haven’t done before and for reasons I won’t elaborate here (Mark did some videos of the way up) I won’t do again in the forseeable future. Something I really hope for the future is meeting with more open minded people like Mark.