Coming Through!

Don't Know How
Phew, where do I start? Let’s just say the past two months have been quite eventful! The latest and not so great thing actually concerned this website itself. It was down for a few days while I was changing providers. I went from GoDaddy to the cheaper and much (!) simpler Hover. If you ever had to make your way through an order at GoDaddy you know what I mean. Additionally Hover has an awesome support crew that gave me updates every single time something changed with the status of my failed transfer. I’m not really sure what exactly went wrong during the domain transfer but this site – as you can see – is back up again and won’t be going anywhere soon.

Another thing are personal/job related changes that might be happening in the not so distant future. I won’t say too much and only a few people know what’s going on. It won’t be happening the way it was first thought out to be about a month ago. But it ain’t over till it’s over. It might end in a compromise that works for all parties involved. I love to say that change is a good thing, so I better start living by it! Let’s see how this goes.

Gamescom Entrance North
But all of this won’t be happening before next week where I’ll be out and about at Gamescom here in Cologne with my friends at We’re currently putting together a live stream where we hope to bring you down to the show floor. We probably won’t be crowd surfing (mostly due to the lack of a stage), but still plan on having an awesome time. Let us know what you’d to like see and follow us on Twitter!